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Garden Table Fix-up

8 Jun, 2015

When I bought my awesome big house it came with a bunch of trash to treasure junk laying all around. This small weather beaten table stained with paints and all laminated parts peeling apart caught my eye. Hey, it has hardwood legs! I noticed 🙂

Old Table
Old table in need of help

I took a closer look and assessed the situation. This won’t be as much of an old table resurrection as a new table with old legs haha, but I still felt like saving it. It was not difficult to take it apart. It took one push and the poor thing folded. I measured all the parts that needed to be replaced and cut the new wood to the correct measurements.

Table Disassembling
Saving the table legs

When I had all the new pieces duplicated and ready and old pieces cleaned up, I decided to stain parts of the table with nice mahogany oil stain and paint other parts with water based ivory paint.

Right Angle
My smart-ass jig for cutting right angle
Peg Hole Cleanup
Cleaning the peg holes, drilling out the leftover dowels
Table Parts
Summarizing the pieces
Tabletop Gluing
Gluing the tabletop with my Old Wizard

I didn’t have big enough furniture clamps, so I had a great excuse to order new ones 🙂 I picked the old style steel ones over the new half plastic grip clamps… 49″ long should be enough? They are sturdy and will last forever… at least considering their weight! Our postal girl just stopped by, that I have some insanely heavy package in their office, that she couldn’t lift into her van lol. I just unwrapped it at the post office and carried them to the car one by one. I glued the whole thing together using wood dowels as connectors. And clamped it all tight overnight with a help of The Wizard, since the clamps are too long for one person to handle. I reused the old plastic drawer from the old table and screwed a new wood face on it and decorated it with a cute blue ceramic knob I found in a dollar store as a final touch.

Attaching the drawer face
Screwing the new front onto the old drawer
New Drawer
New drawer with a ceramic blue knob

Ready for the first spring breakfast outside… I surprised even myself how good the “new” table looks!
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