Few years ago I got enchanted by beautiful writing. And because they stopped teaching calligraphy at elementary school ages ago I had to learn it later by myself. I started with Itallic, I took some university classes and learned the basics of writing with old fashioned pen nib and ink in a bottle… then Gothic… Copperplate and then it was only steps to brush lettering and hand lettering, which are based on the classical calligraphy.

As everything else it needs lots and lots of practice. If you want to learn brush lettering I suggest you start with classical pen, ink and Copperplate because first you need to master the correct technique and proper shapes of the letters…. like at the elementary school, and then you can introduce your unique handwriting to it and develop your own style. You are an individual and you don’t want to copy someone else you want to be yourself. Everyone’s handwriting tells the story of the writer… so tell yours.