2022 Coffee Bullet Journal

2022 Coffee Bullet Journal

I can’t believe it is my 4th year of bullet journaling this year! As always, I was waiting and waiting for the right inspiration to strike until I spilled a coffee into my papers…. AGAIN! Well, let’s make it a Coffee Bullet Journal theme this year, then!

01 JAN, 2022 >

Also, I’ve decided to go KISS (keep it simple stupid). My Art Deco theme in 2020 was so overwhelming that each month took me way too much energy to set up. In 2021 I wanted to go simple with Kitty & Moon theme, but still, I ended up contemplating which cute kitty pose to draw every month. So I think this time will be pretty much straightforward so I can focus on my life and projects. And not lose my mind and time over intricate monthly journal setups.

Yes, I think a bullet journal is meant for keeping track of things and mainly for planning. Let’s keep the creativity for art journals and other projects when one has time and mood for it. And not stress ourselves by having to come up with something new every month on time. Just so you can start planning.

So here is a little preview of my Coffee Bullet Journal on my YouTube channel… More about my setup and separate monthly setups will be on my new Patreon.


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