Madeira Easter Eggs

Madeira Easter Eggs

I was aching to try some new ways of decorating the easter eggs. Last year I have made assorted Luxury Easter Eggs. And this time, I’ve decided to do “Madeira Easter Eggs” with my twist on it. Named and decorated after Madeira embroidery.

03 MAR, 2022 >

How to Make Madeira Easter Eggs

The best is to use the Goose eggs, but who has access to those? So if you are stuck with chicken eggs like me, it’s fine, it works. You just need to pick the ones with stronger shells and no initial cracks. And don’t be discouraged if it breaks while you are working on it. Just get another one and start over. You might end up with a nice omelet or scrambled eggs at the end.

After you sketch your designs on your shells with a soft pencil, you will need a Dremel tool with a fine grinding tip to drill the holes you have designed. And then, rinse your shells in a cleaning solution to get rid of the inner shell membrane.

Now it’s time to decorate your eggs with paints and 3D medium. Traditionally melted white wax on white eggs is used, but depending on your idea and options, you can use some 3D liner in a tube like me. You can paint your eggs before you line the design or afterward, depending on how you want the final finish to look. The possibilities are endless, so have fun and if you can, share your versions of Madeira eggs with us.

If you are interested in detailed video tutorial with description and a list of materials used please become my Patron.

And take a look at the Madeira Easter Eggs preview on my CraftyHanded YouTube channel!

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