Refinishing a Yard Flamingo

Refinishing a Yard Flamingo

Refinishing a Yard Flamingo was high on my list this year. When I’ve built my mini garden pond a few years ago I also bought a cute metal pink flamingo yard decoration. Unfortunately, the paint faded very fast under the sun and weather and it even started getting rusty in places. It was time to fix it up…

CraftyHanded Pink Flamingo Decoration
CraftyHanded Pink Flamingo Decoration

JUL 3, 2022 >

Selecting the Paint

I was looking for the right type of paint and if I could I would have bought FolkArt Outdoor paint. But unfortunately, with a strictly controlled world market, I wasn’t able to get it. In the end, I opted for Cadence Metallic Acrylic paints in colors Candy floss #176, Salmon # 192, and Pink Sorbet #196.

Painting the Flaminfo Metallic Pink

Prepping the Yard Flamingo

First I needed to clean the Yard flamingo thoroughly, wiping off the dust and rain dirt with a damp cloth. Afterward, I cleaned the whole flamingo with a rug dipped in Denatured Alcohol to remove any oils. The surface was pretty weathered so I felt like I don’t need to rough up the surface with sandpaper.

Disassembled Flamingo for Cleaning

Painting process

There was nothing scientific in the painting itself. I just grabbed a standard synthetic acrylic 7/8″ flat brush. Then I scooped some of each paint onto my plastic palette to be able to mix them easily without contaminating my paint jars and started. I began by painting lighter colors first and then adding a darker color to the edges and depressions to define the shape.

And that’s it. Nothing extraordinary, but quite effective. Now I will test the durability of Cadence paints. Of course, I am not leaving my Pink Yard Flamingo outside during the winter. Not much can withstand snow and freeze.

Painting the Flamingo's Wing
Detailed Look at the Paint Job

Flamingo on My Tropical Island

Also, I decided to move my bright pink flamingo into my “tropical island”- a flowerbed in the middle of my lawn. Where I’ve planted Hibiscus moscheutos in deep red, Canna lily in hot pink, Hemerocallis in salmon pink, Ensete ventricosum (red-leaved banana), olive tree, and some seasonal orange Tagetes for autumn.

Refinished Yard Flamingo in the Garden
CraftyHanded Pink Flamingo Decoration

Watch my Refinishing a Yard Flamingo video on my CraftyHanded YouTube channel.


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