Virtual Art Gallery

Virtual Art Gallery

I started oil painting again after a 20-year pause just a couple of years ago during my covid escape trips to inspiring Mikulov. Mikulov is a gorgeous city in the vine region of South Moravia. And I made quite a few new paintings from assorted arranged still lives, bouquets, and interesting views of Mikulov and the vineyards. So I’ve decided to make a small virtual show for you. Enjoy the viewing.

15 AUG, 2022

White Still Life (24x18cm), 2020
Trash Basket Still Life (30x30cm), 2021
Black Bird (24x30cm), 2021
Twin Plums (30x30cm), 2021
Three Gracious (25x30cm), 2021
Turquoise Drawers (30x30cm), 2022
Covid Mask (18x24cm), 2021
Covid Break (18x24cm), 2021
Covid Revealed (18x24cm), 2022
Purple Orchids (25x25cm), 2021
Sunflowers (30x40cm), 2021
Roses on Stripes (22x42cm), 2022
Archway in Mikulov (25x30cm), 2021
Wine Cellars in Mikulov (50x20cm), 2021
Wine Cellars in Mikulov 2 (42x22cm), 2022
Saint Hill ( ), 2020
Apollo and Saint Hill (24x30cm), 2021
Self Portrait “Funny Mirror” (30x40cm), 2020

Some of the original paintings are not available anymore but if you are interested in any please let me know. They are all oil on canvas or oil on “sololit”. I’m willing to sell the originals or even reproductions printed on canvas. (Warning…The colors on your screen might not be true to the pictures).

If you are interested to know more about this amazing region with a Mediterranean feel, take a look at the Mikulov city website.

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