Apron for my Mom’s Day

Apron for my Mom’s Day

The mother’s day was approaching and this year it was not just that, it was also my mom’s birthday. So I decided to make something special for her.

About a year ago I bought a pretty fabric with navy blue stripes and folk pattern. She pointed it out to me one day and I had it in my to do box waiting for the right time and the right project for her.

She just loves cooking and baking so I thought a nice apron would be a great gift for her. I want my mom to look elegant even in the kitchen so I decided for a more interesting pattern than a simple shapeless rectangle…

So I went ahead, unrolled my cheap wrapping paper picked up my carpenter’s right angle ruler, t-square and couple of kitchen plates and started constructing my pattern. It was Friday morning… I had no idea that half of my family will show up for a surprise visit in couple hours. I barely finished cutting the pattern! Well free garden help is always welcome, so I assigned tasks to everyone and my whole garden got a spring makeover, plants got planted, weeds got pulled, fields got plowed… and I was exhausted and ready for bed by the evening. Thinking.. ok I have whole Saturday to make the apron, that should be fine right?

My tools
Apron Pattern and my “Tools”

Not really. I got a wakeup call on Saturday morning from my mom… you don’t say NO to your mom…unless you are a 5 year old 🙂 So I said yes to her self-invitation. By the time she got here my sister called that she with her young family is on their way and will arrive in about two hours. Well, well there went my Saturday. At least we got to do some tasty BBQ, throw stones in a pond and relax since everything else got done by yesterday’s crew :). Typical of me and my projects. They seem to go best under pressure…

I started cutting the fabric on Saturday evening and finished sewing at 5:30 AM Sunday morning. Cool, I still had whole 3 hours to sleep before I needed to get up for a party day! Party was fun, everyone had a great time exchanged experiences from garden labour and BBQ and my mom was wearing my gift around which made me smile… thinking it was worth it.

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