Brenda the Renaissance Woman

Brenda the Renaissance Woman

Hello, my sweet strangers! Welcome to my CraftyHanded site dedicated to everything creative I love to do. I’m Brenda, the Renaissance Woman… I wished to start this site years and years ago, but it wasn’t until the crash of all my sites in 2020 what triggered it. Then it took me two more years to learn all the technicalities of building a new website, trying to make this visit more enjoyable for you. And I am still learning while trying to continue with all my activities.

So What Do I Love to Do?

I have many other interests that unfortunately don’t fit this site

  • I am learning to play a concert and electric ukulele.
  • I spend hours tending to my garden and caring for plants.
  • I am a house renovator.
  • I used to be a classical dancer, vocal singer, and photo model.
  • I’ve spent several years practicing Aikido and Kickboxing.

So why Brenda The Renaissance Woman?

The term Renaissance woman/ man means a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

As you see, my interests are quite extensive… I have been drawn to the arts since I was in elementary art school. Since then, I have been fully exploring every niche of it, be it martial arts, performing, music, designing or artful renovating.