I admit I am a little pack rat. Well, maybe a big pack rat. I hate people throwing away things with material or historical value. So many people have no respect for values anymore that it hurts.

Well, I like to collect things and give them a new life. I save everything that has any potential. Anything that can be fixed or up-cycled is NOT trash and can be reused in some way somewhere by someone. Sometimes I wish I had a huge warehouse and much more time.

Every time I take a cart of debris to the local dumpster field, I bring the cart back with some “trash to treasure” find.

I’m experimenting with everything. When I see “trash”, my imagination runs wild…

Latest Up-cycling Posts

  • Kitty Cat Winter Retreat
    What about some “tropical” Kitty Cat Winter Retreat for my outdoor kitties to ease their winter?? Quick project gone wild.
  • Upscaled Easter Bunnies
    I always wanted to get these beautiful vintage Upscale Easter Bunny statues from expensive stores so I flipped some cheap ones!
  • Fruit Crate TO Herb Box Makeover
    …I found a little fruit crate in a local food store that I thought might be cute with a bit of help. And I started turning a Fruit Crate into Herb box.
  • Plastic Urn Planter Upcycling
    I’ve never liked the plastic look of my urn planters and I don’t like to throw away things… so I decided to give them a fresh makeover…
  • Christmas Faux Fireplace
    I had to create a Christmas Faux Fireplace in my living room bookcase so I would have a place to hang my new Christmas stockings…