And something not so girly… I love woodworkingrestoring, and upcycling! I have an almost fully equipped essential workshop, that I am continuously improving. I think the only big tool left on my wish list is a planing machine. Because I don’t like being stopped by not having the right tool while working on a project.

Originally I thought about including this section under up-cycling until I looked more closely at my projects. There were quite a few, that I made from scratch, so I decided to post the ones with more woodworking separately.

I just love wood… My husband calls all the scattered wood piles on our property my “pet wood” and ALWAYS comes to check with me for what is firewood. Unlike any worker who comes to work on our house and just grabs whatever wood they lay their hand on without ever asking. I would kill for that…

I have created frames for my canvases, dressed up door frames, made several toolboxes, and fixed up broken tables. From the bigger projects, I have made a custom wall bookcase around the window, a built-in bookcase in an unused doorway, and my newest piece – a designer display cabinet/bookcase from an old window. You can tell I like books 🙂 But I’m trying my hands on everything. If you like wood stay tuned…

My Latest Woodworking Posts

  • Kitty Cat Winter Retreat
    What about some “tropical” Kitty Cat Winter Retreat for my outdoor kitties to ease their winter?? Quick project gone wild.
  • Scrap Wood Toolbox
    I decided to use some of my pet scrap wood for a toolbox/ garden box/ gift box…and you are welcome to join me for my quick DIM (Do It Myself 🙂
  • Wood Casket Inscription
    …In his memory I have decided to decorate the lid of the box with his name inscription…
  • Display Cabinet
    When I came across the old box window, complete with the box frame I couldn’t pass on it. I immediately saw a unique designer cabinet in it…