Sewing & Millinery

Sewing & Millinery

I am a self-taught seamstress. My biggest accomplishment was a detailed victorian steampunk costume for a photoshoot. The first thing I can remember ever making was a punk vest I hand-sewn and decorated in elementary school. I made it from leftover cuttings I got from grandma’s dressmaker’s shop. Afterward I decorated it with assorted little metal and plastic “findings” I had scrounged up all over the place. It was a fun and unique project 🙂


I love to be able to create whatever comes to my mind. So, when the time came to get a special apron for my mom or a one-of-a-kind Victorian steampunk gown, I just searched the internet for guides, tips, and techniques. And then I self-taught myself how to draw patterns from scratch and sew whatever I needed to… It is not perfect, but it will do. 🙂

Steampunk Costume
Victorian Steampunk Costume


I am also a hobby milliner since I saw Hello Dolly when I was a little girl. Because I adore a hat fashion, and I miss it in our daily lives, I love creating unusual or extravagant hat pieces.

I think adding my few millinery creations here doesn’t clash with the topic. Some hats I just decorate, and a few I made completely from scratch using fun foam/foamiran as a base…

Victorian Hat
Handmade Victorian Hat

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