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Brenda’s Vanilla Crescents

Brenda’s Vanilla Crescents

If you are in a time warp like every Christmas, here is another SIMPLE and AMAZING last-minute holiday cookie recipe. This Vanilla Crescents recipe has been in our family forever. And I will show you how easy it is to amaze your guests, who will not know when to stop nibbling on your cookies :).

DEC 04, 2023 >

They are actually Almond Vanilla Crescents but everyone calls them simply Vanilla Crescents. So let’s make some!

How to make Brenda’s Vanilla Crescents

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Ingredients list

5.3 oz (150 g) all-purpose flour
0.7oz (20 g) of vanilla sugar OR regular sugar + dash of vanilla extract
3.5 oz (7 tbsps / 100 g) unsalted butter
1.8 oz (50g) Blanched Almonds (without the skins)
1 egg yolk

Confectioners sugar + Vanilla Sugar to coat the baked crescents

  1. Measure your Ingredients…

    And add them gradually in your mixing bow. Flour, vanilla or regular sugar, butter…Blend the flour, sugar and butter

  2. Separate the Egg Yolk

    Add the egg yolk and blend on low speed. If you didn’t have the vanilla sugar in the previous step, now you can add the dash of vanilla extract.Separated egg yolk

  3. Chop the Blanched Almonds

    If you can get only almonds with brown skins, throw them in a pot with boiling water for a minute or so. Then strain them, and they will be easy to skin while still warm. Let them dry before processing so they chop easier. Chop them finely (but not powdery) so the dough is smooth.Finely ground almonds

  4. Make a Dough Ball

    Work out a nice smooth dough ball and put it on a plate. Cover with plastic foil and let rest in the fridge. If you have different types of batter in your fridge, it is a good idea to label them 🙂 I like to leave the dough in the fridge overnight, but if you are in a hurry, just let it cool down some so it is not so mushy and continue.Kneed the Dough

  5. Preheat the Oven

    Don’t forget to turn on your oven ahead, and preheat it to 350°F or 170°C.

  6. Make the Crescents – Version 1

    The common way to make crescents is to roll the dough to about 1/2″ thick rolls and then cut them to 1 1/5″ to 2″ long pieces and shape the crescents… But I don’t like this way much because they RARELY look appetizing.Rolling the Vanilla Crescents

  7. Make the Crescents My Way – Version 2

    I am using my meat grinder attachment, which is available online in several versions, to make my crescents. It is so much faster and neater! Such a small piece of aluminum and so useful!!! I would pay a fortune for it, it is so great!Extruding the Vanilla Crescents

  8. Place them on a Baking Sheet

    Space the crescents evenly on a lined baking sheet.Spacing the crescents on lined baking sheet

  9. Baking the Vanilla Crescents

    Place the crescents in a preheated oven and bake at 350°F or 170°C for 6-10 minutes. Watch them closely until you get the feel for your oven. They should be just turning pink. They shouldn’t be white (looking raw), and they definitely shouldn’t be brown.Baked Vanilla Crescents

  10. Sugar Coating

    While the crescents are still hot, carefully coat them in a sugar bowl, where you’ve mixed together powdered sugar with vanilla sugar. Be careful, they are very fragile at this stage, and also, they are hot, so don’t burn yourself. Use a fork to turn them around and fish them out on a plate. Don’t worry if they look too sugary. A lot of the sugar will fall off when you start handling them later.Sugarcoating the Vanilla Crescents

  11. Storing

    Let them completely cool down before storing them! I like to store mine in a napkin-lined cookie tin in a cool pantry. They last easily a month… if you have enough of them, or else they disappear quick :).
    Sugar Coating the Crescents

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