Easter Luxe Eggs

Easter Luxe Eggs


As this Easter fell into the COVID19 frenzy I had a touch more of free time than usually and decided to finally do my Easter eggs project, that I had in my head for the past 4 years.

I was collecting, blowing and cleaning the egg shells for the past few months so I would have enough material for my project and I didn’t care much for the color as I knew I was going to paint them anyway.

First I painted all the shells with a base colors using acrylic Art Alchemy and C.Kreul and chalk paints and then decided to experiment with different techniques of decorating. I always let the eggs dry properly between the layers for the techniques I chose.

  • For the blue egg I used Art Alchemy Mermaid Teal in two coats and stencil and opaque crackle texture paste from Ranger to decorate.
  • For the pink ones I used a cream chalk paint tinted with Artisan powder Antoinette Pink and Parisian Rosewood as the base coat decorating some with spatters and some with lines using Art Alchemy metallic Rustic Brown. I also did a variation with Goya beige base coat and Rustic Brown spatters and lines.
  • The crackle egg I painted first the dark color …using Rustic Brown it tied the eggs visually together… and then coated with generous layer of Crackle medium from Hobby Line. After proper drying I covered it with a layer of Goya beige from C.Kreul. While drying nice cracks appeared revealing the dark base color.
  • The biggest experiment was the lacy one. I cut out a fitting piece of nice rich textured lace to cover the whole egg and used matte Heavy body gel to glue it on. After drying I painted everything with Rustic Brown and then used Rose Gold mixed with Goya beige for highlights. And it all came out gorgeous!

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