Paper Mache Pumpkin Scarecrow

Paper Mache Pumpkin Scarecrow

My life is set on last-minute projects, which under the pressure usually turn out the best. I woke up with this brilliant idea just a week before last Halloween. Let’s make a paper mache pumpkin scarecrow! And I went straight into making it.

OCT 24, 2021

Paper Mache Pumpkin Mask

I decided to create a pumpkin head/mask using Jonnie’s Paper mache clay. For the recipe and basic construction techniques, I’ll refer you to visit her site I will link down below. No need for my secondhand instructions here. The whole mask project took me 4 days! I have to stress it IS crucial to let the paper mache clay dry thoroughly before the next steps. When I tried drilling holes into the not-so-dry mask the mache started winding up on my drill bit NOT GOOD! After crafting my mask and letting it properly dry, I painted it with acrylic paints.

Paper Mache Pumpkin Form
Paper mache pumpkin form

Jute Burlap HalfHat

Of course, a scarecrow needs a hat! I cut it out of the 1/16″ (2mm) fun foam and glued it together with the rubber cement glue. After that, I painted the hat with a mix of brown and black flexible paint and afterward used a piece of garden burlap to cover the hat.

Painted Pumpkin Scarecrow Head

The Scarecrow Body

I’ve searched my grounds for a couple of fitting sticks to make a cross. After a while, I located just the right ones and they didn’t even need any trimming! What a break! I only cleaned them with a nylon brush attached to my drill. Then I tied them together with the hemp rope creating the cross.

I attached the mask with the base to the cross and thought, how cool it would be if I had a short string of LED lights to insert into the head. They could shine through the eyes into the night! I sure need to get some for the next time.

Backside view of Scarecrow construction

Then I started “decorating” the body with burlap, draping it around the sticks until I was happy with it. I thought it would be nice to add more autumn color. So I went to pick a couple of dry ripe corn cobs and attached them to his hands.

Corn cob attached to the scarecrow hand

Hanging On The Door

Originally I wanted to wrap a thick hemp rope around his neck and hang him on the entry gate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one so fast so I just took a piece of gauze. I dyed it black using chalk paint, which came out dirty gray. And I made kind of a scarf around his neck out of it. 

Finished Pumpkin Scarecrow Against the Sun

And there it was, just as Halloween came. My hanged paper mache pumpkin scarecrow. He came out quite nice and made the kids passing by stop and smile.

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The Paper mache clay recipe and more at


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