My New Patreon acct.

My New Patreon acct.

Hello, my sweet strangers! As of today, that is January 30, 2022, I have set up a brand new Patreon account. That means there will not be much there yet, but with every new month, the content will be richer and richer, and you are invited to join me there! Your support is highly appreciated, and I will do my best not to disappoint your expectations.

JAN 30, 2022

Don’t let your curiosity be chewing on you, and click the link… don’t be afraid there are several friendly levels. The first one? You can skip just one cup of coffee or a beer a month to be able to afford it! And if that is too much, even a 1Euro donation will help me so much to keep creating more content for you. Thank you for being here for me!! And please become my PATRON.

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